Tart Cherry Powder
Montmorency tart cherry (Prunus cerasus) is a sour cherry grown mostly in the United States. In recent years consumers have become increasingly aware of the health benefits of tart cherries because of the extensive research being conducted by universities and research institutions in the field of muscle recovery, inflammation, gout, bone health, sleep, and blood pressure. Tart cherries contain naturally occurring melatonin and phenolic acids.
CherryPure® Tart Cherry powder is the market leading tart cherry ingredient in the United States using only Montmorency tart cherries. Supported by two published, human clinical studies conducted at Texas A&M, in the department of sports nutrition, CherryPure®, at a daily dosage of 480 mg, has been found to support recovery from intense resistance and endurance training.
Product Highlights:
  • Freeze Dried Tart Cherry Powder
  • Clinically Studied
    • Supports Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Contains Naturally Occurring Melatonin
Product Applications:
Softgels, Tablets, Capsules, Gummies, Ready-To-Drink Beverages, Powdered Dry Mixes, Nutrition Bars

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