Fast-Melt Tablets

Product Description: A Fast-Melt Tablet is a tablet formulated to melt in your mouth within seconds, utilizing only the saliva present and thus requiring no water to swallow.

Characterization: Utilizing a patented manufacturing process, the production allows a loading of a few micrograms to a maximum of 500 mg per tablet, while still holding the capacity to melt within your mouth. The innovative technology behind this patented manufacturing technique allows for great taste masking, producing a delicious finished product.

Available Formulations

1) Coenzyme Q10
2) Vitamin D3
3) Vitamin C
4) Vitamin K2
5) Melatonin
6) L-Theanine
7) Multivitamin
8) Calcium
9) L-Carnitine + B Vitamins

Minimum Order Quantities

MOQs starting at 600,000 tablets

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