Bee Propolis Extracts

Propolis is an ingredient with a long history of use for its medicinal properties dating back to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Bees produce propolis by gathering resin from trees and plants which is then mixed with their saliva to produce this natural antibiotic to protect their hives. Raw propolis contains resins, wax, fatty acids, and polyphenols. The natural polyphenol complex found in propolis is the key to its antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory activities.
What we offer:
  1. Brown Propolis Dry Extract Powder, standardized to 3%, 6%, or 12% total polyphenols (calculated as galangin min 25%)
  2. Brown Propolis Dry Extract Powder, 4:1 4x Dry Powder. Standardized to 2.5%, or 8-12% total polyphenols
  3. Brazilian Green Propolis Dry Extract, standardized to 2.5% total phenolic acids (calculated as Artepillin C)
  4. Liquid Brown Propolis Extracts
  5. Liquid Green Propolis Extracts
Product Highlights:
  • Patented Manufacturing Process
    • A manufacturing process that purifies the propolis raw material by removing unnecessary components that do not add to the nutritious profile of propolis, like beeswax and inert resins. The remaining material is 100% clean and pure.
  • Standardized Polyphenol Complex
    • Over 45 different polyphenols have been identified and standardized
  • EU Organic and USDA Organic Certification available
Product Applications:
Softgels, Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Gummies, Cosmetics
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