Clinically Studied
Propolis M.E.D.

Propolis is an ingredient with a long history of use for its medicinal properties dating back to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Bees produce propolis by gathering resin from trees and plants which is then mixed with their saliva to produce this natural antibiotic to protect their hives. Raw propolis contains resins, wax, fatty acids, and polyphenols. The natural polyphenol complex found in propolis is the key to its antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory activities.

B Natural’s Propolis M.E.D.® extract is manufactured using their patented Dynamic Multi Extraction technology. Supported by a human clinical study published in the scientific journal Phytomedicine, “A standardized polyphenol mixture extracted from poplar-type propolis for remission of symptoms of uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection (URTI): A monocentric, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial”, Propolis M.E.D.® was found to be effective against mild upper respiratory tract infections.


The clinical conducted in 122 healthy adults with mild upper respiratory tract infections used a Propolis ESIT oral spray containing 15 mg/ml of polyphenols vs placebo in the study. The dose used was 2-4 sprays (12-24 mg of polyphenols), 3x a day TID for five days.


The results of the study showed that after 3 days of treatment, 83% of subjects treated with propolis oral spray had remission of 43 symptoms, while 72% of subjects in the placebo group had at least one remaining symptom. Healing from uncomplicated URTIs took place two days earlier, instead of taking place in five days as recorded in the control group.

Available in

  • Propolis ESIT: Brown Propolis Dry Extract Powder standardized to 3%, 6%, or 12% total polyphenols (calculated as galangin min 25%)

  • Propolis GREIT 120: Brown Liquid Propolis standardized to >12 mg/ml total polyphenols

  • Propolis GreenART: Powder and Liquid Green Propolis

Product Highlights

  • Clinically proven propolis

  • Complete complex

  • Identified actives

  • Repeatable quality

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