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The Easy Choice for Tableting, Encapsulation and Cleaning.

Supported by flowability data, Flonules™ provide enhanced flowability for direct compression and are superior in performance to powders for tableting, encapsulation and cleaning. Flonules™ increase tablet and capsule production efficiency by improving processing of the raw materials and reducing cleaning time.

Many herbal extracts in the form of dry powders exhibit properties such as cohesiveness, hygroscopicity, stickiness and low bulk density, which make these raw materials challenging to work with. Flonules™ solve these issues by skipping manufacturing steps such as slugging and roller compaction whilst also eliminating the chance of tablet capping. Flonules™ reduce your excipient load, create a better homogenous powder mix for blending and will make the production process cost-effective.


Click for a larger view

Click for a larger view

Available in

  • Curcumin (no excipient)

  • Boswellia Serrata (no excipient)

  • Turmeric

Custom Flonules™ are also available, please get in touch


  • Tablets

  • Capsules

Product Highlights

  • Non-staining

  • Dust free

  • High bulk density

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegetarian

For more information on Flonules™ or to order a sample contact Pharma Base S.A.
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