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All Ingredients

Tart cherry powder from the montmorency tart cherry (Prunus cerasus), grown mostly in the United States.



FLONULES™ are free flowing granules that are manufactured utilizing a proprietary technology with one natural excipient. FLONULES™ are non-staining, dust free, and easy to handle, and can limit the odor of certain ingredients. They increase production efficiency and reduce clean up time in the manufacturing of tablets and capsules.


Brown Bee Propolis Extract standardized to total polyphenol content. Brazilian Green Propolis Extract standardized to total phenolic acids - Artepillin C. Dry extract and liquid extract available.


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A full range of premium free lutein and lutein esters extracted from marigold flowers utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process to deliver innovation with maximum concentration and flexibility.



FenuGuard™ is an all-natural, clean label, microencapsulated Fenugreek dry extract standardized to 50% Saponins.


High quality CoQ10 (ubiquinone). Complies with USP 36/ EP 8.0/ JP 16


Dry Honey Powder offered in 40% and 60% concentrations. USDA Organic and All Natural available.


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